Welcome to the very first fitness application that will change your life entirely using Artificial Intelligence.


The features that you get with iTrainer when it comes to exercise, nutrition, and even your personal and professional life are limitless. Let’s get to know some of them.

Personalized diet plans

All the diet plans have been made using the latest research and nutrition-references including a lot of equations and algorithms, so you would get a 100% personalized diet for your body. Just imagine that thousands of nutrition books and resources are used every single time to make a perfect diet just for you. Amazing, isn’t it!! Wait up, this isn't everything...We also guide you to make personalized diets for anybody at any time easily.

Customized exercise programs

You may need to search for specific exercises for enhancing your fitness level, leading you to your goal, suits your injuries, volume-calculated exercise, etc…That’s why we used Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, many different references, and even more to come up eventually with iTrainer that gets you everything you need.

Worried about wrong performance!! Not anymore...

We used the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies to help you exercise right without any worries. You will be motivated to keep going, and once you make a mistake during performing your exercise you will be immediately notified and corrected via (Eye-Trainer) feature.iTrainer will coach you anytime and anywhere.

About Us

We are more than 70 team members that did use all the experience they have in many different fields including fitness, nutrition, technology, artificial intelligence, marketing, languages, and even more to create a unique fitness app that will lead you to your goal and ease your life generally. We’re not just here to create an app, We’re here to make the Future.

143 BPM
105 CAL
127 Total CAL
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Join our community

By downloading iTrainer you’re not just getting a smart and unique fitness app, you’re also joining a large community in which a lot of people do pursue and fulfill their goals. You can be one of them and you can share your stories, your daily routine, and your achievements. With us, you will get encouraged and you will reach your goal even faster. We’ll help you enjoy your journey.

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